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Read carefully】Before you click “I agree” to this Member Registration Agreement (hereinafter as Agreement) in the registration procedures, do read this Agreement carefully. Please ensure you have carefully read and fully understood all terms and contents, especially obligations of users, limitation of liability, applicable terms and dispute resolution terms. 



Article 1: Definition


Poweradd: refers to Poweradd Co., Ltd which provides website service.


This website: refers to the Poweradd Co., Ltd’s official website (domain name:


Affiliated Company: refers to any company which has direct relationship, indirect relationship, or relationship with great influence with Poweradd Co., Ltd, including but not limited to the branch companies, subsidiary companies of Poweradd Co., Ltd, or companies with any actual investment by Poweradd Co., Ltd.



Third-party Service Provider: refers to any company which provides logistic service to you and Poweradd Co., Ltd, or company which has cooperation relationship with  Poweradd Co., Ltd (including supplier and distributor etc.).



Article 2: Coverage of Agreement


This Agreement is made by you and Poweradd regarding the services and related matters of this website, This Agreement is legally effective to both of you and  Poweradd.



Article 3: Confirmation and Acceptance of Terms of Service


The rights of ownership and operation of the various electronic services in this website belong to Poweradd. You should carefully read the Membership Registration Agreement (herein after as Agreement), any actual use of this website (including but not limited to registration, signing in, use or exploration etc.) shall be regarded as that you have carefully read and accepted this Agreement, and all contents including but not limited to the Privacy Protection and Liability Limitation terms etc.


After reading carefully and fully understanding, you confirm that: By clicking “Agree” with this “Membership Registration Agreement” in any location in this website, this Agreement takes immediate effect of legally binding to you and Poweradd.


You confirm that, if you use this website, you have the full capability of exercising civil rights and full capability of exercising civil acts, and is able to take legal responsibility. Poweradd may refuse to provide service to users who violate this term, if any loss is caused to Poweradd or any third-party unit, users must take full responsibility. If you do not have the capability of exercising civil rights or only have limited capability of exercising civil acts, or you are under age of 18, you are only allowed to use this website under the guardianship of his or her parents or guardian. If not, Poweradd has the right to suspend, terminate or delete your account to the extent permissible by law.


You agree that, when using services of this website, you and your assigned personnel agree to receive service information provided by Poweradd or third-party service providers, the contents of these information include but are not limited to various advertising information such as texts, images, photos, sound and videos etc., promotional information, commercial information and information of Poweradd’s cooperation partners, these information include but are not limited to email, text messages, phone calls, post messages and Facebook messages etc.

You agree that to authorize Poweradd to store, use and share the personal information and other information you submit to Poweradd, and agree that your personal information may be shared within affiliated companies, and may be used within third-party service providers providing services to you. In this situation, third-party service providers may own your partial or all user data. You understand and confirm that, third-party service providers generally have their own privacy policies which may differ from Poweradd’s privacy policy, Poweradd shall not assume any liability of any third-party service provider to protect your privacy.


When you register as a member of this website, you should provide Poweradd with authentic, precise, complete, legal and valid personal information, and should renew timely in case of any change of your personal information. If the personal information you provide is unauthentic, imprecise or incomplete, you must take the responsibilities and consequences so caused. Poweradd reserves the rights to the extent legally permissible to close or delete any user’s account. To the extent You are in breach of this Agreement or the Policies, including the failure to pay amounts due to Company hereunder, Your membership and/or Your ability to utilize the Member Benefits may be suspended or terminated.



Article 4: User Information


You shall get one user name and one password upon your successful registration as a member of this website, you must bear full responsibility of the security of your personal user name and password. Every user must be fully responsible for all activities and events performed in its user name. In case any user finds any illegal use of its account or security vulnerability, please inform Poweradd as soon as possible.


To protect your personal rights and interest, do not use any simple password consisting of repeated characters or consecutive numbers, and do not disclose your password to others. Users are liable to any loss caused by improper protection of their passwords.



Article 5: Privacy Protection


Poweradd attaches great importance to users’ personal information, Poweradd shall keep the personal information strictly confidential in case any user name, phone number, detailed address, email address and account etc. is involved, unless:


disclosure is authorized by the user;


disclosure is required according to law or by government;


disclosure is necessary in order to maintain social and public interests;


Disclosure is necessary for Poweradd staffs or third-party units to provide services to Poweradd or represent Poweradd to execute any duty (including but not limited to logistic distribution, marketing and sales, customer services, supply of Poweradd’s products provided to clients at present or in the future);


Disclosure is necessary in order to protect Poweradd’s legal interests.


 You must know that, although Poweradd has conformed to related legal regulations, mandatory technical standards and regulations, adapted suitable measures which are compatible with network services, planned, designed and established user data base system treatment procedures, made relatively complete user data management systems, and applied related data management responsibilities and necessary traceability, Poweradd is not able to ensure the prevention of the incidents of data security or privacy infringement including user data disclosure, loss, alteration or other misuses etc. caused by hacker attacks, computer virus intrusions or attacks, third-party reasons or other reasons. Unless it is compulsorily regulated by the related law, you understand and agree that if the above mentioned incidents are not caused by Poweradd’s intentional or obvious fault, you do not require Poweradd to bear any responsibility of breach of contract or compensation caused by any of the above mentioned incidents.



Article 6: Obligations of Users


When using this website, users must abide by the related national laws and regulations. User must assure that he or she does not deliver or distribute information which violate national regulations or are uncivilized via this website, these information include but are not limited to:


Opposing the basic principles established by the related constitutional law;


Threatening national safety, divulging national secrets, inciting subversion of state power, destructing national unity, harming national privilege and interests;


Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, or destructing ethnic unity;


Destructing national religious policies, promoting cult or superstition;


Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, or destructing social stability;


Spreading obscene, pornography, gambling, violence, slaughtering, horror or instigation of crime;


Threatening, insulting, attacking, committing defamation, or harming others’ legal interests;


Committing illegal crimes including money laundering, committing theft of business confidential, or personal information utilizing this website;


Releasing any object that may infringe other’s intellectual property or other legal rights and interests including copyright, ownership of trademark;


Containing other contents that is prohibited by law or other administrative regulations.


Poweradd has the right to, depending on the severity of the situations, adapt measures including warning, order for correction within a time limit, termination of service, prohibition of trade, closing of account, or permanent termination of registration etc. upon any user’s violation against the above mentioned regulations. Poweradd has the right to claim for compensation by adapting any legal litigation or non-litigation measure upon any action causing Poweradd or any other third-party unit’s loss. Poweradd has the right to inform and assist related governmental departments to perform investigation for any user’s criminal action.



Article 7: Product Information


The product information of this website may be changed anytime, Poweradd shall not make any specific notification for the change. Poweradd shall as far as possible display precise and detailed product parameters and introduction of the products, however due to the extra large volume of the product information contained in this website, and due to the limitation of the development of the Internet technique etc., this website does not rule out the possibilities of the mistakes or delay of any part of the information. You confirm that: you understand all the above mentioned situations, and you agree not to pursue Poweradd to take related responsibilities. Poweradd appreciates correction and certain rewards will be given.



Article 8: Ownerships and Intellectual Properties


Poweradd defines contents of information as: all contents displayed in this website including texts, images, software, sounds, videos, footages and graphs etc. or any other information provided to users by Poweradd. All these contents’copyrights, ownerships of logos, labels and other properties are protected by law. Thus, users are only allowed to use these contents after being authorized by Poweradd, and are not allowed to duplicate or reproduce these contents, or create derivative product related to these contents.



Article 9: Refusal of Warranty


User confirms that he or she personally takes all the risks of the use of information service. Unless stated in written format, Poweradd shall not make any expressed or implied warrant or statement (unless required by law) in any format regarding information, contents, materials or products (including software). Poweradd does not guarantee that all users’requirements are entertained, does not guarantee that services are not interrupted, and does not guarantee upon the timeliness, safety and error of the services.



Article 10: Limitation of Liability


Poweradd provides legal and healthy products and services to user as is, users however should bear the responsibilities and risks caused by their using this website, Poweradd assumes no liability of compensation for any incidental, special, direct or indirect loss caused by any use or failure or use of this website.



Article 11: Agreement Update and Users’Obligation of Concern


According to the change of the national laws and to the needs of website operation, Poweradd has the rights to modify the terms of this Agreement at any time. The modified Agreements takes legal effect and replaces the original one once it is announced in this website. Users have the obligation to regularly read the newest Agreement and website announcements. If any user disagrees with the updated Agreement, please immediately stop using services of this website, and the newly modified items in the new Agreement shall not be legally effective to him or her. If the user continues to use services of this website,



Article 12: Notification


Valid Contact Methods


You should provide authentic and valid contacts (including you email address, telephone number, address etc.) for membership registration of this website. For any change of contacts, you should make timely update and remain available to contact.


You member account of this website generated by the membership registration is also regarded as a valid contact method of you.


Please be noticed that Poweradd shall deliver various notifications to you via one or more above mentioned contact methods, and the contents in these notifications may cause greatly positive or negative influence to your rights and obligations.



Article 13: Delivery of Notification


Poweradd delivers notifications to you via the above mentioned contact methods, the written notifications delivered in electronic format include but are not limited to announcements in this website, text messages delivered to your phone number you provide us, email delivered to your provided email address, messages to your account, successful dispatch shall be regarded as delivery, for written notifications on paper, Upon 5th day of dispatch, all notifications written on paper shall be regarded as successfully delivered.


For any dispute regarding the services of this website, you agrees that the judicial organizations (including but not limited to the People’s Court) may dispatch legal documents (including but not limited to litigation documents) to you via modern communication methods including email etc. or mail. The telephone number, email or account of this website you specify to receive legal documents are the telephone number, email address you provide in the registration or update and the account generated in the membership registration of this website, the dispatch of legal documents by judiciary shall be regarded as delivery. The address you specify for postal delivery is your legal contact address or the valid contact address you provide.



You agree that judiciary may adapt one or multiple above mentioned delivery methods to dispatch legal documents to you, for multiple dispatch of legal documents, the first delivered shall prevail.



You agree that all above mentioned delivery methods apply to all judicial stages, for litigation progress it includes but is not limited to first instance, second instance, retrial and procedure of supervision and urge.



You should guarantee that all contact methods you provide are precise and effective, and are updated timely. If not, you should personally bear all legal consequences so caused.



Article 14: Applicable Laws and Dispute Resolution


The establishment, execution, interpretation and resolution of dispute shall apply to the effective laws applied in the People’s Republic of China. If this Agreement conflicts with its applied laws, the conflicted terms shall be re-interpreted according to the laws, and the other terms remain effective. If any contracting party has disputes regarding the contents or the execution of this Agreement with any other contracting party, they shall make negotiation as fa as possible. If no agreement is made, the parties agree to introduce the related disputes to local People’s Court for further rulings.



Article 15: Effectivity


This Agreement is effective September 20, 2018, China Standard Time.

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